The API for Scalable Personalized Content

Build Personalization AI into your system with less coding.

Don't re-invent the wheel. Save months of development and focus on what makes your service unique. Talemeet helps you understand users' interest profile and provide personalized content to your audiences.

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Increase User Stickiness

Increase User Retention

Increase Conversion

Feed API

Understand your user's interests and personalize your service. Personalization improves engagement, retention and conversion within your service. The underlying technology is based on big-data and machine learning.

  • Interest Inference & Prediction
  • Interest Profile Reporting
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Easy to use
    • Basic

      $ 29 mo
      • 3 Million API Calls
      • Low Priority Processing
      • 1 Application
      • 1 Domain
      • $35 per extra 1M API calls
      • Email Support
    • Premier

      $ 199 mo
      • 10 Million API Calls
      • High Priority Processing
      • 10 Applications
      • 10 Domains
      • $35 per extra 1M API calls
      • Email/Phone Support

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